Age 24
Hair Blonde
Sizes 34B-22-34
Height 5'6
Eyes Big blue
Nationality European
Languages En, It, De, Es
Location Chelsea
Contact info +44 701 737 2678

1 Hour £150 / £200
90 minutes POA / POA
2 Hours £300 / £350
3 hours POA / POA
2 Additional hour POA / POA
2 Dinner date £500 / POA
2 Overnight £1000 / POA

Ella is an Elite escort of the highest calibre and boasts youthful and sexy good looks, legs to die for and beautiful bronzed skin. A specialist in adding a little more fun and spice to couples adventures and exploring fantasies. give a fantastic GFE and be a dinner date but loves a more intimate encounter.
Ella will want to take you to Wonderland if you want, but beware, this A+ escort may show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Call: +44 701 737 2678 +44 701 7ESCORT
0701 737 2678 0701 7ESCORT
email: info@london-elite-escort.co.uk

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All emergency contraceptives are most effective when you take them as soon as possible after birth control failure, which is why we made it simple to obtain ella at a campus health clinic, urgent care center or emergency room, even without an appointment.

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Ella may change when the next period comes. If your period is delayed beyond 1 week, you should be checked for pregnancy. Do not use ella if you are breastfeeding. Do not use ella more than once in a menstrual cycle. After taking ella if you do have sex again in the same cycle, use a reliable barrier method of birth control like condoms until your next period. Using ella with hormonal birth control such as birth control pills can reduce the effectiveness of both drugs to prevent pregnancy.

A next-generation way to help prevent pregnancy before it starts. WHAT ELLA DOES ella is a new kind of emergency contraceptive in a class of drugs that reduce your chances of becoming pregnant after unprotected sex or birth control failure.1 ella works by preventing ovulation, even during the time in your cycle when youre most fertile1, for five.

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So, youll need to continue using your regular birth control method after taking ella if you arent ready to get pregnant yet. ella Important Safety Information The most common side effects of ella (ulipristal acetate) tablets include headache (18 stomach pain (12 nausea (12 menstrual pain (9 tiredness (6 and dizziness (5).

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seek help from a healthcare provider right away as you could have a pregnancy outside the womb (ectopic pregnancy)). And ella annika escort should not replace a regular method of birth control. Dont worry: ella will not impact your long-term fertility.Ella should not be used if you know or suspected you are pregnant, and if you dont have access to those services, you can order ella online from PRJKT RUBY and get it the next day. If you become pregnant or have lower abdominal pain after taking ella, if you would like to become pregnant in the future,

Capitan_Hitsugaya Arriane
girl has a fabulous body - very slim and toned and sexxxxxyyyyy!! She could easily pass off as a teenager with her flat abs and soft and firm butt. Her breasts are beautiful and she has a disarming smile and great personality.
Den_Brown Escort milana
Gorgeous. Smiling and pretty face and voluptuous figure - perfect for me!
Ash9999 Vesper london escort
Girl is stunning. absolutely gorgeous with such a sexy and lithe body. Perfect package - slim with sexy curves, firm body and gorgeous face. and such a hot ass :)
odinevgen Elite escort services
Amazing!!!! She can't do enough for you..
Indiliya East european escort girl
Very nice and clean flat. Overall experience was very good and very good service . But I wouldn't go back simply because she doesn't look like her picture and I prefer much slimmer girls.
de_medichi Elite escort service
Really sweet girl. Ready and willing to please. She's definitely young and inexperienced but that's part of the charm: she's a shy little thing who looks amazing with a load on her tits. And her ***tastes like heaven.




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And if you dont have access to those services, can order ella online from PRJKT RUBY get it.