Age 23
Hair Brunette
Sizes 34C-24-34
Height 5'7
Eyes Blue
Nationality European
Languages English
Location Paddington W2
Contact info +44 701 737 2678

1 Hour £150 / £200
90 minutes POA / POA
2 Hours £300 / £350
3 hours POA / POA
2 Additional hour POA / POA
2 Dinner date £500 / POA
2 Overnight £1200 / POA

Call: +44 701 737 2678 +44 701 7ESCORT
0701 737 2678 0701 7ESCORT

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She is so sexy that from the door walking behind her and admire her hot bump,i was already feeling horny,she looks much more better than the pictures,absolutely gorgeous.
omaculer Paloma escort
A no show. The agency - who are usually very good btw - told me she had confirmed but was then non-contactable at the arranged time. Disappointing especially as I had given plenty of notice - over 4 hours. I waited 30 minutes but to no avail. This game requires the girl's head to be in the right place and I wonder whether this one really should look for a different line of work.
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I've seen a few girls and never give a review before but grace was the one I we'll be thinking of for days and will 100% go to see again. The one girl who was just like her pictures warm and friendly like she want to know you. And then when your horny you have a beautiful women who know how to make you horny.
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She is a very petite and sexy girl and she was dressed as i wanted it.
kayzer Jessica
I went with Model on the recommendation of HC after I was unable to confirm my original appointment with a different girl. I spent an enjoyable 90 minutes with her and whilst she's probably some way off being HC's biggest crowd pleaser, she has a warm personality and is a pretty girl. A*** was apparently off the menu, but it does say "at her discretion" on her profile so if you're looking for a guaranteed PSE you may want to look elsewhere. She swiftly returned the £50 extra I'd handed her, which is more than some other girls have done in the past! She enjoyed o*** on her and returned the favour on me, which was adequate although she required some encouragement. This was followed by a few different positions, all of which were enjoyable. Her English is not great, but she is sweet and made me feel welcome in the apartment (although why are the showers always broken in these places - seems to be a recurring theme!). I've had punts with other girls in this apartment building before and it's a safe area with enough privacy.




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England with the Normans in eleventh century, has royal pedigree via.