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BerserkXXI Your escort agency london
Opened the door and was very friendly. Great body. Recommend as good punt.
blackrose13 Worlds most expensive escorts
Girl is a good looking girl (although the pictures have been a bit photoshopped). But she really isn't into this type of work, and doesn't make much of an effort to pretend otherwise. Minimal kissing and, although I'm sure she would be prepared to do whatever you want, it's completely up to you to take the lead as she detaches from the whole experience. I had a blow job and tit wank, but didn't have the heart to go for "round 2" - Ada really isn't enjoying this, and it didn't seem right at all. I left early. Ada, I wish you all the best - you seem like a nice girl but you're in the wrong job for you.
DOGMAT High street kensington escorts
I saw Rubina yesterday, (I'm the very tall guy with very big feet if you remember :) Rubina, is stunningly beautiful, more so than her pictures suggest, with a delightful figure. She is also extremely witty and easy to get along with. Mass tarde! x
AlX_Werecat Best uk escorts
she looks much better than her picture great boobs.
Bentley Mature escort russia
Wow, what an amazing body!
Damir London escorts uk
gen_patton London escort
she looks much better than her picture great boobs.




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